Shelby Management Solutions is an unique, unwavering and inspirational service provider, headquartered at Bangalore. We at Shelby aim at giving a crisp and innovative definition to consulting services in human resource , thereby nurturing the Indian talent. Our prime role is to act as a catalyst in bringing qualified job seekers and dignified job providers together and also provide world class training. Shelby is an ultimate productivity booster with an array of services ranging from

Shelby aims at providing unparalleled quality Human Resource services for companies to create a competitive edge in the market place. Our team of professionals have extensive understanding of various aspects of industry specific demands. Our aim is to provide exceptional talents with a solid ethics and competency to think creatively and shape up their career.

With same objective in mind, we extend a whole array of our service offerings each of which have been sensibly designed and taken care of by our experts who have several years of global experience and are known for intellectual delivery of deep, boundless and insightful knowledge in line to the Human Resource Activities.



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Asia’s 7th Largest HR Training & Consulting firm

* Founded in 1997 – 15 year old company.

* MEHR is having unprecedented Client base of over 5000 corporate in various sectors.

* Is associated with over 300 companies from the Fortune 500 List with a strong loyalty percentage of over 95%.

* Asia’s largest & One of the leading training company globally in the area of HR & people management.

* Mentoring and supporting over 3,000 HR projects in over 2000 organizations annually through our faculty, project guidance cell and consulting team

* Operates in 17 major & minor cities globally .

* Specialized consulting and training services to organizations in the area of HR skills for managers, Compensation and Management, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development