Case Study – Sterlite Copper (Manufacturing sector)

1. C – Customer Delight: Managing external and internal environment
2. O – Out Perform: Making a difference in the workplace by harnessing creativity and innovative thinking.
3. P – Proactiveness: Developing a business acumen
4. P – People + Performance = Productivity: Soft skill development and emphasis on teamwork
5. E – Exceptional Empowerment: Critical thinking and acting strategically
6. R – Redefine your Image: Managing and leading change

• Understanding personal leadership style and its impact.
• Know how to adapt to one’s leadership style to the needs of the people you manage.
• Lead and manage change successfully, within the business, dealing with resistance along the way.
• Manage and organize resources effectively to achieve business results.
• Develop the performance of those around you through coaching and feedback.
• Aligning oneself with the Organizations vision and Mission.
• Understand – Accept – Adapt oneself to the various roles.
• Learn to empower.
• Factors that enable strategic thinking.

Shelby worked on the 6 Core Values of Sterlite Copper and designed the program COPPER

Employees were given an experiential training enhancing the Values they could create at their level. (Juniors & Middle level)

Sterlite being a large organization with multiple levels of hierarchy our program helped participants align their oneself with organizations mission and vision

FEEL – FUSION of EXPERIENCIAL and EXPERIMENTAL LEARNING was a key parameter in driving the Core Value Initiative
1. Every Core Value had a set of activities
2. Employees were allowed to make their own Report Card with scores defining their contribution
3. Mentor and Mentee system were allocated within the training to meet the objective of the training on Core Value instillation