Overcome the Challenges in Recruitment during the COVID -19 Crisis

Overcome the Challenges in Recruitment during the COVID -19 Crisis

The global pandemic has bought a wave of panic and alarm in all industries, but the Earth does not stop revolving and so, we know that companies will not stop running their businesses either. Though there will be a change of pace, businesses will have to adapt to the situation and modify their strategies accordingly. One of the major concerns for companies right now is to plan their recruitment process to suit the current scenario created by COVID – 19 Coronavirus.

Here are certain pointers to remember for employers and employees alike to better prepare themselves.

Recruitment will not come to an absolute halt.

 As we stay up to date with the statistics in China, and with all the precautionary measures being taken around the world, it has been understood that the virus will hit a peak and then the curve will saturate. Life is coming back to normal in China and the economy is joining in, too. The same will be the scenario worldwide, it is just a matter of being patient. The dream job for employees will not die and employers will definitely not lose out on finding the perfect candidate.    

 The hardest-hit industries are transport, hotels, retail and many other similarly aligned, but these are also industries that need the least amount of time to recuperate considering the human consumption requirements. The world might be sitting at home right now, but businesses will now have to start prepping for when people get out of their door. That phase is going to see a boom in jobs, revenue, economy and all for the better.

A worldwide technology boost has prepared us for this!

 Imagine pandemics that have occurred before this period, do you think that the world sat and worked from home then? Did schools continue their education through distance learning? Digitization has advanced humankind to such an extent that it was an easy switch for us to be able to say you can work from home. This also means that recruitment can be done from home. Of course, there will be a need to modify the structure of recruitment. Moving this process online may actually make it faster and more efficient. It’s also a good skill to acquire while everyone stays at home. How to recruit and be recruited online?

Those who get through, are those you want.

Be it a company or a candidate, showing resilience in such tough times will always reap benefits. This is a great time for candidates to build their resumes by taking up additional certifications and acquiring new skills. It’s also an opportunity for companies to take a step back and put some time and effort into creating new strategies.

Whether you’re an employer who is in a fix or an employee looking for a job in this crisis of a situation, we have your back. It is our work to ensure that this process goes smoothly for you, so you can get down to doing what you do best! Connect with us to know more!

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