Recruitment 2020

Recruitment has seen a tremendous change over the past decade. Some of the developments have been bumpy while others have happened at the speed of the bullet train. From resumes and phone screens to skill assessments and video interviews talent acquisition has come a long way. Evolving expectations of recruitment experience from reactive hiring to proactive recruitment and from making random choices to focused selection it’s all exciting developments.

So with all these inspiring changes happening in a quick pace, what can we expect from recruitment in 2020? What are the recruiting trends that are important to keep an eye on….

  • Strong Company Culture

Until recently, organizations saw employee engagement as a feathery addition and good to keep. The coming decade will see the shift towards ensuring a raised up bar of employee experience in organizations. Emphasizing on culture above pay will matter while predominantly hiring millennials and Gen Z workers. Employers in 2020 may keep bulls-eye on enriched candidate experience that most possibly align with the candidate’s expectations. Prior vast research studies have been able to validate that strong company culture is linked to customer satisfaction, modernization, better business performance and earnings, and much more.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI as a recruitment technology has seen significant improvement in assisting the recruitment process for many. AI in particular would help in getting the right and ideal candidates through a pre automated selection. It would assist to screen the optimal career training and more. Everything is best learned through trial and error so there would be plenty of learning by both algorithms and people and AI will be the reality moving forward. LinkedIn is up with it, where it offers an algorithmic ranking of candidates according to a job posting that they fit in on their site.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Having a diverse workforce is a business imperative across organizations that are progressively understood by more and more companies. The realization has occurred that fighting pay gaps is just not enough rather building on strong culture to make employees voice heard and empower them to give their best. Deeply embedding inclusion culture in 2020 would make business organizations establish a strong workforce that in return gives the desired results in a competitive environment. The shift from just hiring people of various backgrounds and ensuring that all have access to contribute to workplaces in the present and future and welcoming them with respect is well understood by diversity and inclusion.

  • Soft Skills outdoing Technical Skills

There is a gradual shift to hire for soft skills among organizations as they encounter the congregation of agile and collaborative thinkers. Although technical skills and experience would stay imperative, soft skills will turn out to be equally as important when making the hiring decision. With more stress and mental health issues increasing amidst workplaces having an ability to empathize and socialize in such environments are priceless attributes for today. Fellow colleagues being helped with issues related to the stress of work and contributing to a healthy work culture will help an organization in a positive direction.

  • Social Media & WhatsApp

Recruitment marketing is taking shape all the time. Predominantly recruitment marketing is about reaching out to candidates via social media and letting them apply through channels like WhatsApp. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are also good for the same purpose. They are great as you can target users on very specific points (interests, region, and job description). There is a higher chance of attracting talent/target groups showing interest in an advertisement and applying to the same.

One can’t expect to hire to be a cakewalk scenario in 2020. It’s key to stay on top with changing recruitment trends and other developments happening in the industry to attract and retain talent. This list might inspire you to evaluate your own recruitment process and make the best in 2020.

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