Contract Hiring by Shelbyglobal

Shelby Global delved into Contract staffing where we find short-term solution for recruitment in organisation. Our clients can get the benefit of our pool of good candidates for their needs over a fixed period of time. Such employees would be in Shelby’s representatives whose legal responsibility lies with us. Shelby is a fair and reliable organization for efficient Hiring and Placement Services.

Shelbyglobal Hiring and Placement Service Across India

The number of vacancies within organisations often fluctuates throughout the year due to seasonal incoming projects. Ensuring sufficient capacity within the teams at all times, results in high fixed costs. Shelby Global offers Contract-2 –hire solutions which can help organizations expand their team when needed. We employ talent when the number of vacancies rises, thus optimising the capacity of our client. As a result, fixed costs remain low and variable costs will always be adjusted to the work pressure.

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Shelby Offers Two types of Contract Hiring:

  • Contract to Hire
  • Hire – train – deploy

Benefits of C2H

  • Payroll processing and benefits to the administration.
  • Provide skilled, qualified and trained employees who are apt for a job profile.
  • Fulfill the need of employees as per target locations.
  • Provides you with employees with relevant skills or even trained resources
  • Bulk hiring to meet the demands for recruitment.