Soft Skills And Leadership Development Programs

Soft skills are individual characteristics that define how efficiently and productively we all communicate and interact with others. The significance of soft skills development is simple to recite and that comes as a benefit for being resilient in the corporates. To seamlessly integrate new methods of learning initiatives at the workplace, learning and development teams can develop on boarding programs, executive programs, leadership programs and also outbound programs that focus on the soft skills and behavioral transformation deemed necessary to thrive within the organization. We at Shelby aim at:

  • Assimilating into a new workplace culture
  • Working with team members assertively and diplomatically
  • Processing feedback
  • Approaching a supervisor for coaching and mentoring

Shelby Global help to identify hidden talents and skills of the individual with goal-oriented practical training and development programs that stimulates productive behaviors and increase individual and organizational productivity.

Soft skill development

Why Shelby for Soft Skills Development?

Shelby Management Solutions offers complete outsourced L&D solutions for the entire company. We take a holistic and consultative approach, and invest time and effort in partnering with clients to discover training indicators and needs. Our programs are immersive and we strive to involve participants in the agenda that is set for the training through the use of

  • Detailed pre & post training assessments.
  • Coursework
  • Engaging Case-lets / Role plays / Experiential Activities
  • Periodic post training interventions and triggers

Seamless Methods of Learnning in Shelby Soft skills development program

  • On boarding programs
  • Executive programs
  • Leadership Boot-camps
  • Outbound programs that focus on the soft skills and behavioural transformation
  • Theatre based programs
  • Customised in-house Human Resource Certifications in association with our Business Partner – Middle Earth HR Pvt Ltd