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With a strong focus on talent and strategies to strengthen the history database for top digital talent, Shelby Global, the best Headhunting company, offers fully integrated management headhunting solutions for organizations seeking to leverage key departments for a wide range of brands. Our headhunters provide support and advice on the strategic hiring of the talented executives your business needs. Our professional competency researchers use disruptive methods and tools to help you conquer the idealized profile that accompanies your strategic projects.



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When you come to us for recruitment, a professional consultant dedicated to your research manages the entire process from initial briefing and market mapping to analysis, selection, and integrations in your team.

Inquiry meetings

integration of the company's cultural and managerial requirements

Sourcing and analysis

Gather a pool of potential graduates by combining local experience with international research opportunities.

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

With the booming healthcare/pharmaceutical industry, it becomes hard to choose the right professionals for the job. Many of our recruitment experts have a background in healthcare, and will understand your needs well.

Candidate assessment

Potential candidates using Po evaluation skills, psychometric data, and relationship-centered interviews

Pre-selection process

identify potential candidates based on behavioral and psychometric knowledge tailored to the role and organizational context.

Ratings and Selections

Custom placement allows for pre-selection to identify the best candidates.

Supply Management

Our consultants manage jobs using effective negotiation techniques that ensure the best results.


dedicated contextual support for successful employment

Assess a person's attitudes, mentalities, and skills using a range of scientifically recognized tools. Our Headhunt Agency will help you better understand future new hires and plan integration and effective development strategies. Discover all the tools and solutions that help you better understand your talents and potential We take a proactive approach to the headhunting process, where we provide experienced and qualified professionals and fill the vacancies that our clients offer with Shelby Global.


What makes us different from other headhunting agencies?

In addition to offering dynamic recruitment services, Shelby Global, the leading Headhunting company, also strives to provide clients with access to the best candidates for all employment levels. We use the latest technology to expand our network and provide a way to track potential graduates across a wide range of digital and online sectors.

As a leading digital recruitment company, we specialize in recruitment for marketing, product management, e-commerce, and a wide range of digital roles. With our strong knowledge in these areas, we select suitable candidates and ensure full access to the markets. Let’s see what differentiates our Headhunt Agency from other headhunting agencies.

Dedicated support from professional head hunters- Our specialized competency researchers works closely with you to define requirements, recommend the best way to get the right people and persuade selected candidates to join your organization.

Deep knowledge of upcoming appointments- For strategic roles, it is important to understand the personality and potential of future hires as well as technical skills. A set of proven assessment tools primarily helps reveal leadership style, emotional experience, and interpersonal skills.

Priority access to the best candidates- When it comes to buying the best professionals and leaders, speed and agility as you approach can mean the difference between success and failure. Our method allows us to achieve our goals faster.

Innovative recruitment process- The best professionals and managers do not apply for jobs and harass them. Therefore, we redesigned our procurement process to screen the entire potential talent market for each adaptation. We use the latest digital tools to leverage our network of consultants and professionals to expand our reach.


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